High School 9th-12th Grade

Academic challenge, individual excellence, and personal integrity are standards of the Upper School experience. Through Advanced Placement, honors, and standard courses, high school students experience a strong curriculum designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful not only in the most challenging of college environments but also in life.


Curriculum Requirements for 9th-12th Grades


Grade 9    

CP or Honors English

Algebra I or Geometry

Biology I

World History II

Physical Education Life


Visual Arts*

Grade 10

CP or Honors English

Geometry or Algebra II


CP or AP U.S. History I

Spanish I

Career Prep*

Health* (Fall of 2017)

Grade 11     

CP or Honors English

Algebra II or Honors Pre-Calculus

Honors Chemistry or Biology II

World History II

CP or AP U.S. History II

Spanish II

Art Appreciation*

Music Appreciation*



Grade 12

CP or Honors/AP English

Algebra III/Math Models, Honors Pre-Calculus or Honors Calculus


CP or AP U.S. History I


Anatomy, Honors Biology, or Honors Physics


Senior Seminar*

Career Prep*

Business Technology Application*

Fine and Performing Arts and Elective Options


Annual (faculty approved)

Art 2-D/3-D Design*



Dual Enrollment (Point University or Southern Union)


Strength and Conditioning* (9-12)


Weight Training* (9-12)

*Semester Courses

Daily Schedule


The Junior High School schedule begins at 7:55am and ends at 3:05pm. Class schedules are set as follows:


Regular Bell Schedule

Homeroom/1st Period             8:00-8:56

2nd Period                                 9:00-9:50

Break                                          9:53-10:05

3rd Period                                10:09-10:59

4th Period                                11:03-11:53

5th Period                                11:57-12:47

Lunch                                        12:47-1:17

6th Period                                 1:21-2:11

7th Period (A Day/B Day)        2:15-3:05

Pep Rally Bell Schedule

Homeroom/1st Period                8:00-8:44

2nd Period                                    8:48-9:32

Break                                             9:35-9:47

3rd Period                                     9:51-10:35

4th Period                                     10:39-11:23

5th Period                                     11:27-12:11

Lunch                                             12:11-12:41

6th Period                                     1:45-1:29

7th Period (A Day/B Day)           1:33-2:17

Pep Rally                                       2:21-3:05

Morning Sessions Bell Schedule

Homeroom/1st Period               8:00-8:44

2nd Period                                    8:48-9:32

Break                                             9:35-9:47

Sessions                                        9:51-10:35

3rd Period                                    10:39-11:23

4th Period                                    11:27-12:11

5th Period                                     12:15-12:59

Lunch                                             12:59-1:29

6th Period                                     1:33-2:17

7th Period (A Day/B Day)           2:21-3:05

College Counseling


Springwood School is a preparatory school for college and for life beyond college. Accordingly, there is strong commitment to offer thorough guidance throughout the college selection process. The school is committed to reaching out regionally and nationally to colleges and universities, helping to ensure that Springwood’s students can attend the college of their choice.


SAT/ACT Testing Dates


Click the appropriate logo to find testing dates, registration deadlines or to register. The sites below contain lots of information to assist in your preparation for the Act or the SAT. The student is responsible for registration. Register early to obtain your first test site selection.


Springwood School’s code is 011597.


ACT & SAT Test Dates (2017-18)



ACT Test Date

Registration Deadline

Scores Back Date

September 9, 2017

Aug 4

Sept 19

October 28, 2017

Sept 22

Nov 7

December 9, 2017

Nov 3

Dec 19

February 10, 2018

Jan 12

Feb 20

April 14, 2018

Mar 9

Apr 24

June 9, 2018

May 4

Jun 19

July 14, 2018

Jun 15

Jul 24

SAT Test Date

Registration Deadline

Scores Back Date

August 26, 2017

July 28

Sept 28

October 7, 2017

Sept 8

Nov 2

November 4, 2017

Oct 5

Dec 7

December 2, 2017

Nov 2

Jan 11

March 10, 2018

Feb 9

Apr 12

May 5, 2018

Apr 6

Jun 7

June 2, 2018

May 3

Jul 11

Other Resources for SAT/ACT test prep


• Kaplan Test Preparation (800) KAP-TEST or kaplan.com

• PrincetonReview.com

• ACT/SAT test prep books are also available at your local bookstore and amazon.com


College Tours

www.collegeview.com - Includes a college search program and campus tours of select colleges.

www.campustours.com - Here you can search for a school and access it’s virtual tour, website, photos, and maps.

www.collegeview.com - Provides career, college, and financial aid information, as well as virtual college tours.

www.ecampustours.com - A revolutionary college planning website featuring 360° x 360° virtual college tours of over a thousand college campuses


www.youniversitytv.com - With over 2,000 exclusive college and career related videos, we are the experts here to help you find out what colleges and careers are really like!


Alabama Programs

www.collegecounts529.com - The College Counts Savings Plan has information about Alabama’s Section 529 college savings plan.

www.collegexpress.com - This is a free resource for finding colleges and scholarships.

www.ache.state.al.us - Provides an overview of the State of Alabama Financial Aid programs and how to apply.


Georgia Programs

www.gacollege411.org - This site helps families plan, apply, and pay for college in Georgia.

www.georgiacolleges.org - Georgia Private Colleges - The Georgia Foundation for Independent Colleges (GFIC) is an association of Georgia's 28 private (independent) colleges and universities. This web site offers financial information and general college information for these 28 colleges.

www.gsfc.org - The Georgia Student Financial Commission has been helping Georgia’s students increase access to higher education by providing information about the HOPE scholarship, grants, loans, etc.

www.gacollegesavings.com - The Georgia Higher Education Savings Plan has information about Georgia’s Section 529 college savings plan.

www.usg.edu/ga-easy - The University System of Georgia’s application and electronic advising website.

www.ganet.org/governor/intern - The Governor’s Intern Program is for college and law students, providing professional experience before they enter the working world.

www.scholarship.com - This site offers residents a list of potential scholarship opportunities


School Counseling


The Elementary Administrator/Guidance Counselor oversees these services:


-Oversees all standardized testing

-Coordinates with administration the character education and advisory programs

-Provides personal counseling

-Makes referrals for appropriate professional counseling as needed


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