Junior High 7th-8th Grade


Springwood’s Junior High School program is designed to prepare students for the increasing responsibility of class preparation with study skills, organizational skills, and personal involvement in their own education. We support students in making the transition from childhood to teens by helping them recognize the connections between actions and consequences, effort and achievement, perseverance and accomplishment of goals.

Curriculum Requirements for 7th-8th Grade


Grade 7  


Math 7 or Algebra ½

Earth Science


World Geography*

Physical Education

Word Origins*

Intro to Technology*

Fine Arts*

Grade 8


Algebra ½ or Algebra I

Physical Science

World History I

Physical Education

Computer Essentials*

Advanced Art*

Fine Arts*


*Semester Courses

Fine and Performing Arts and Elective Options




Intro to Art


Teen Discovery


Daily Schedule


The Junior High School schedule begins at 7:55am and ends at 3:05pm. Class schedules are set as follows:


Regular Bell Schedule

Homeroom/1st Period             8:00-8:56

2nd Period                                 9:00-9:50

Break                                          9:53-10:05

3rd Period                                10:09-10:59

4th Period                                11:03-11:53

5th Period                                11:57-12:47

Lunch                                        12:47-1:17

6th Period                                 1:21-2:11

7th Period (A Day/B Day)        2:15-3:05

Pep Rally Bell Schedule

Homeroom/1st Period                8:00-8:44

2nd Period                                    8:48-9:32

Break                                             9:35-9:47

3rd Period                                     9:51-10:35

4th Period                                     10:39-11:23

5th Period                                     11:27-12:11

Lunch                                             12:11-12:41

6th Period                                     1:45-1:29

7th Period (A Day/B Day)           1:33-2:17

Pep Rally                                       2:21-3:05

Morning Sessions Bell Schedule

Homeroom/1st Period               8:00-8:44

2nd Period                                    8:48-9:32

Break                                             9:35-9:47

Sessions                                        9:51-10:35

3rd Period                                    10:39-11:23

4th Period                                     11:27-12:11

5th Period                                     12:15-12:59

Lunch                                             12:59-1:29

6th Period                                     1:33-2:17

7th Period (A Day/B Day)           2:21-3:05

School Counseling


The Elementary Administrator/Guidance Counselor oversees these services:


-Oversees all standardized testing

-Coordinates with administration the character education and advisory programs

-Provides personal counseling

-Makes referrals for appropriate professional counseling as needed


Summer School

Springwood School is pleased to offer a Summer School credit recovery program for students to retake a course in which he or she previously was academically unsuccessful in earning the necessary credit towards graduation.


  • The credit recovery program allows students who have met necessary time requirements to earn credit for a course by mastering the specific content standards necessary which were not successfully accomplished during the academic year

  • The credit recovery courses will be offered through Compass Learning, a learning acceleration company that specializes in digital curriculum solutions with credit recovery options.

  • Credit recovery study is based on identifying the specific deficiencies that a student is experiencing and to provide an opportunity to master those standards rather than have the student repeat the entire course.

  • Only Springwood students who earned a score from 55 to 69 for a course will be eligible to participate.

  • Those students earning a 54 or less in their coursework will need to repeat the class in its entirety (unless exceptional circumstances were involved).

  • A qualified teacher will serve as a monitor as well as a facilitator to assist all students enrolled in the credit recovery program.

  • Credit recovery courses offered by Springwood are aligned to standards outlined by the Alabama State Department of Education requiring students to demonstrate mastery before receiving a passing grade.

  • The credit recovery program is limited to only core courses for grades 7-12.



The credit recovery program is available for students who have failed a core course required for graduation, provided the student meets the minimum score of 55 for the course in question. The program is a self-paced, online digital program of study with a qualified teacher provided for additional support to assist students.

Students will begin their course work with a pre-test for the units of study to accurately identify which standards need to be targeted for mastery. Students may only be enrolled in one credit recovery course at a time and are limited to a maximum of two courses. Students who successfully complete their coursework will receive the appropriate credit and assigned a minimum grade of 70%, or a grade reflecting the accuracy rate for mastering the standards for the class the student participated. Students will be required to pass and complete the credit recovery course work by the final day of their session or a failing grade will be assigned. Students must complete a minimum of thirty seat hours in a credit recovery class but will have the option of using up to 35 hours of seat time over seven days.



Classes will be limited to nine students in each credit recovery session. Enrollment will be filled on a first pay/first serve basis.

 Attendance is mandatory. Credit recovery sessions will meet for seven days. Students must report at 8:30am daily. Dismissal time will be 2:00pm. There is a 30-minute break for lunch. Students will not be allowed to leave campus. Students who violate the attendance policy will be dismissed from the program with a loss of their tuition fee.

 Disruptive behavior. Students who are disruptive, noncompliant, or fail to make adequate progress will be dismissed from the program with a loss of their tuition fee.

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