The fine arts curriculum is offered beginning at the K4 level continuing through grade 12. The fine arts faculty consistently works to integrate all subjects through the teaching of the fine arts disciplines: band, drama, music and visual fine art.

Springwood’s fine and performing arts faculty is dedicated to remaining current in their respective disciplines. This is evident through coursework to upgrade teaching certificates, membership and participation in state and nationally recognized fine art organizations and professional participation the respective disciplines.

The faculty regularly seeks ways to improve and promote its programs. The participation of individuals and groups of students in local, district, state and national competitions typically results in very high ratings for those participants. The faculty often plan fine art events that coincide with specific units of study and provide cohesiveness and integration between individual disciplines.

In performing arts, Springwood students have many opportunities to excel. Students in grades 3-6 may take part in the Elementary chorus in addition to their individual grade level music classes. All fourth grade students are required to take part in learning and performing on the Recorder as an introduction to instrumental music. Instrumental music is continued in the fifth grade with Beginning Band and sixth grade Intermediate Band. At the seventh through twelfth grade levels, Springwood offers a myriad of performing arts in which a student would participate in as many as his or her schedule will allow. A student may participate in Concert Band, Pep Band, Chorus, and the Theatre program.

Visual Arts

Beginning at the K4 level, students are required to take visual arts through the ninth grade. Seventh grade students may elect to take an Introduction to Art class, with eighth grade taking an Advanced Art class.  Ninth through twelfth grade students may elect to participate in the visual arts studio classes in two-dimensional and three dimensional art.   Students in the eleventh grade are required to take one semester of Art Appreciation and one semester of Music Appreciation to enhance their well-roundness and perspective on the world around them.

K4 through ninth grade visual art classes focus on teaching through sequential learning a strong foundation in the language of art, tools, different media, processes and techniques, critical analysis and thinking skills. Students are encouraged to “think outside the box” in the visual arts. In addition, students hone their writing skills in the visual arts through written critiques.

Performing Arts

At the junior high and high school levels, Theatre is offered in a formal classroom setting.  In addition to being trained in the basics of stage performance, students have the opportunity to perform in and to assist in the production of a full-length play in the fall, to compete in the AISA Drama Festival as well as other festivals. Training in the dramatic arts is an on-going activity as the preparations for performances and competitions take place throughout the school year.