Current Trustees

Holley Carey
Traci Martin
Steve Tramell
Eddie Clark , Vice President
C. E. (Skip) McCoy, Jr.
John Wolfe
Ellen Collins
Tom Oswalt, President
Todd Woodham
Brad Huguley
Michael Plank

Jennifer Hull, Secretary
Sykes Smith, Treasurer

Legacy Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Chattahoochee Valley Educational Foundation established a Legacy Board of Trustees in 2008. This is an informal board, made up of past Trustees, spouses of deceased Trustees, friends of the school, and other people who have made significant contributions to Springwood through the years. The Board is chaired and coordinated by a current member of the CVEF Board. The Legacy Board meets once per year for an orientation of school progress.

Legacy Board Members

Mr. Gerald Andrews
Mr. Pate Huguley
Mrs. Jeannene Mullins
Mr. Terrell Bishop
Mr. Scott Huguley
Mr. Bill Oliver
Mrs. Howard Clem
Mr. William Huguley
Mr. Bill Scott
Mrs. Richard Cowart
Mr. Mac Langley
Dr. Alphonza (Al) Vester
Mrs. Charles Crowder
Mr. Cam Lanier III
Mr. Frank Wilcox
Mr. Bill Edwards
Mr. Gaines Lanier
Mrs. Jack Whitworth
Mr. Gary Hinkle
Mrs. J. Smith Lanier
Mr. Billy Williams

Emeritus Legacy Board Members

Mr. Larry Boswell
Mr. Hugh Jones
Mrs. Ted Merritt
Mr. Ed Davis
Mr. Glenn Martin
Mrs. Grady Webb
Mrs. Teresa Denney